Full weekend race recap

Updated Monday April 30, 2018 by Zach Spitzer.

We had a packed weekend of racing! On Saturday we had a Dual Race with Lawrenceville High School on Mercer Lake, followed by the Cooper Cup in Cherry Hill on Sunday. The girls and boys teams both found success throughout the weekend! Now its time to re-focus with Mid-Atlantics only two weeks away!

Notable Results

Saturday Races:

2000 meter races

Girls 1V4: 1st

Girls 2V4: 1st

Girls 3V4: 1st

1500 meter race

Girls 2V4: 1st

Sunday Races:

Boys Varsity 8: 2nd in final

Girls Lightweight 4: 3rd in final

Boys Lightweight 8: 2nd in final only

Boys Junior Varsity 4: 2nd in flight

Girls Novice 8: 3rd in flight

Boys Novice 4: 3rd in flight

Girls Novice 4: 3rd in flight

Go Lakers!