Back to the Passaic

Updated Thursday October 26, 2017 by MLRC.

MLRC headed back to the Passaic to take on more competitors at the Head of the Passaic held Sunday October 15th in Lyndhurst, New Jersey.  Many events had 10+ entries and the team faced tough competition from Montclair High School and Port Rowing.  Nevertheless, the team raced well, often placing 2nd or 3rd overall. Placements by boat are as follows with full race times on See you in two weeks in Saratoga.  Don’t forget to book your dinner tickets!

Men’s V8                   2nd

Men’s JV8 (A)            3rd

Men’s JV8 (B)            8th

Women’s V8              3rd

Women’s JV8             2nd

Men’s V4                    6th

Men’s JV4                  3rd

Men’s Novice 8         2nd

Men’s Novice 4         3rd     

Women’s Novice 4(A) 4th

Women’s Novice 4(B)   3rd